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Member Relationship Tiers

Combined Deposit/Loan Balances1 Partner/Homeowner Preferred Classic + Classic
$100,000 or more $25,000-$99,999 $5,000-$24,999 Under $5,000
SMCU ATMs Free Free Free Free
SMCU OnLine and Bill Pay Free Free Free Free
Visa® Direct Check Card Free Free Free Free
Personal Auto Shopper Service Free Free Free Free
Financial Seminars Free Free Free Free
Check Orders $5 $5 Standard Cost Standard Cost
Cashiers Check Free Free $28 $28
Money Order Free Free $28 $28
American Express Travelers Checks Free Free Free Free
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfers No Charge No Charge $208 $208
Non-SMCU ATM Network Withdrawal Unlimited 10 Free Per Month 3 Free Per Month 10 Free Per Month
Point of Sale Transactions Free Free Free Free
Reimbursement of Non-SMCU ATM Network Surcharge (Other Institution Fee)4 $15 per month4 $5 per month4 None None
0.25% APR Auto Loan Discount Yes Yes No No
0.25% APR HELOC Discount5 Yes Yes No No
Rebate on Mortgage Closing Cost Up to $5006 Up to $2506 No No
Standard Certificate Rate Bump 0.25% APY7 No No No
Visa Gift Card Free Free Free Free

Deposits may include checking, savings, money market, and certificates. Loans may include real estate, auto, and personal. Past due loans will not be counted in overall total.

2 One box per order.
3 If you do not have an overdraft protection source or if your overdraft source lacks funds, SMCU can elect to pay items that would overdraw your account.
4 Reimbursement  is by request only. 
5 New HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) loans. 
6 Partner: $250- Re-finance existing mortgage / $500- Rebate if finance new mortgage.  Preferred: $125- Re-finance existing mortgage / $250 Rebate if finance new mortgage. 
7 Not available on promotional rates
8 Charge may be waived depending upon member relationship tier.