It’s not enough to be empathetic with a member. It takes actions, too.
Like driving a check over to a member’s home in the evening. Or listening to a member’s
unusual story about their life. We do those kinds of things. And we're proud of it.

bernard davis

treatment plant operator
member since 1975

Bernard Davis has a lot of heart. You can hear it in his tone of voice when he talks about the Credit Union. It’s like family to him, sharing the same values that gives him his warm, engaging view of life.

“It’s not just the products,” says Bernard, who worked for years as a treatment plant operator in Foster City. “It’s who they are. They are a special place.”

There is a real empathy in Bernard’s voice and you can tell he appreciates that same empathy in SMCU. “They made my vacation to Disneyland special. Not only did they make it possible, but they helped us out with a hotel room there and all sorts of discount coupons. We all loved it.”

1975 was the first time Bernard encountered SMCU. It was offered as a benefit in his Foster City employees

package. “In the ups and downs of my life, I could always call them.” Bernard cites the bill consolidation loan that helped him smooth out his budget. “The people at SMCU are my personal friends,” says Bernard smiling. “I can’t tell you how much they mean to me.”