common sense

Don't you think a little common sense is useful when it comes to your money?
Like reasonable rates and transparent terms that are fair? We thought so.
We've thought things through in advance and we’ve always opted for
good old-fashioned common sense in everything we do.

jim tanner

sergeant, sheriff's office
member since 1987

Jim Tanner is a sergeant in the Sheriff's Office in San Mateo County. He looks like it. He sounds like it. Jim is a no-nonsense guy with a lot of common sense.

But when you mention SMCU, you touch a soft spot in Jim's heart. He’s been with SMCU for 26 years, ever since he was a young correctional officer just learning the ropes. His friends at SMCU were tellers then and Jim joined because it was the way he could get direct deposit for his paycheck.

A lot has happened since. Jim and his wife have gotten almost every type of San Mateo Credit Union product, from home loans to Visa® credit cards to CDs.

But one moment Jim remembers best. “My wife and I were on vacation in Laughlin, Nevada, and we saw some great RVs for sale, especially a fifth-wheel camper. My wife told me to just write a check for it,” and Jim knew his next call would be to SMCU in Redwood City. Bingo! An RV loan. And they drove off in their pickup truck with their new camper attached.