We take the long view. Remember as a teenager when you wondered why your parents had those strong ideas?
And then you grew up. We’ve taken 60 years to refine a lot of common wisdom around here. It works.

ken au

civil engineer
member since 1974

Ken Au went to high school in Hong Kong and then came to the States knowing he wanted to get a degree in civil engineering. San Francisco was his destination. He got a college degree and also added a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

The public that benefitted from that were the residents of San Mateo County where Ken worked his entire life. And from almost the very beginning, San Mateo Credit Union was a big part of it. He also raised two sons who are credit union members, an industrial engineer and a pharmacist. There were many SMCU products along the way, but the one that delighted Ken and his wife the most was their latest mortgage re-fi. “We gutted the house down to its bones and basically created a whole new place,” he said. So the special place in Foster City (a house he first bought in 1973) has SMCU written all over it.

SMCU has been part of Ken’s life for all those years, except for one little detail that Ken was a bit reluctant to admit. Ken has been happily married for many years, but “I met my wife when we were both at a local bank.” Well, SMCU can’t do everything. Ah, romance.