Things are worth what they seem. A loan is priced fairly. Credit cards are tools for daily living.
Things are worth what they should be worth around here.

laverne bryant

director, inpatient training
member since 1984

Sometimes a credit union is more than just a credit union. Sometimes it’s Gerri Carter, as Laverne Bryant found out. How long has it been? Twenty-five years since Laverne first encountered San Mateo Credit Union when she was in high school and worked for the County. It was then that she met Gerri Carter.

Laverne tells an interesting story about their friendship. One year when Laverne bought a pre-owned Olds at the Car Sale, she was happy, until she was driving down the freeway, seeing smoke in the rear-view mirror. “Must be a truck back there,” she thought. “Wait. Could it be me? My god, it’s me!” So her car was a lemon. No problem, she thought, because she'd use the Extended Warranty to get it fixed. But the warranty folks were picky and said “No.” You’re stuck, Laverne.

But Laverne had Gerri. One call to SMCU and she was suddenly at the dealer again picking out any car she wanted.

Both Gerri and Laverne laugh about it. Because this is a family that has had 7 cars, two homes and many Visa® credit cards for the kids who have their own accounts and homes, too. All from SMCU. They could be the credit union's best customers. They’re certainly the ones with the deepest friendship. Just ask Gerri.