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rohanda singh

interim hospital revenue director
member since 1984

Thirty-two years ago a girl named Rohanda Singh emigrated from Guyana to the Bay Area. So this is an All-American story. The young Rohanda took advantage of a federal job placement service at that time and ended up, happily, at the San Mateo Medical Center, the County hospital.

It turned out she had an aptitude for finance. That may be the reason she gravitated to San Mateo Credit Union, or it might be that the blue Datsun she had an eye on seemed much better than taking the bus to work. So with a car loan, a relationship was born.

“I trusted the Credit Union. They were special. They taught me things that I didn’t know then,” said Rohanda about a lifetime relationship with SMCU. She’s now Director of Revenue Operations at the Hospital. “I love the job,” And SMCU is still part of her life. “More than ever. Happily, more than ever.”