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Technology Upgrade

SMCU's Technology Upgrade: IN PROCESS

San Mateo Credit Union's Technology Upgrade is nearly complete but certain systems are still impacted. We will update this information frequently.

MAIN ALERT: The Member Contact (Call) Center is currently receiving a high volume of calls; we apologize for any additional wait time you encounter. Call-24 Telephone Banking is available at (844) 518-0515 and Online Banking and the Mobile Banking app can be used.

These systems are available for use:

  • All branches are open during normal business hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Thursday, 9:00am - 6:00pm Friday, and 9:00am - 2:00pm on Saturdays.
  • Online Banking is available and will require a temporary password for your first log-in. Your user name remains the same and the temporary password was communicated to you via mail or email.
  • Call-24 Telephone Banking is available at (844) 518-0515
  • Mobile Banking is available and your user name and password are the same as before the upgrade.

These systems are still impacted or have changed as a result of the Technology Upgrade:

  • The Member Contact (Call) Center is currently receiving a high volume of calls.
  • For June month-end statements, you may receive two partial account statements: one for June 1 - 7, the other for June 8 - 30. They will arrive together at the usual time in early July.
  • Dividends (interest) will be paid separately for two time periods in June (June 1- 7 and June 8 - 30) on all interest-bearing deposit accounts except Premium Checking, Interest Checking, and High Yield Checking, which will be paid at month-end.
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Online and Mobile Banking
Impacts to digital banking during and after the upgrade.
  • Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable
  • Transfers and payments may be delayed
  • Online Banking will require a new password
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Spending and ATM
How your debit/credit cards and ATM access will be impacted.
  • Cash will be available at the ATM
  • Debit and credit cards can be used
  • Certain ATM transactions may be limited
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Call-24 Telephone Banking
The Call-24 system is being upgraded, too. See what to expect.
  • Re-enrollment will be required
  • The order of menu items will change
  • New menu items will be available
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Travel Notification
Make sure to tell us in advance if you are travelling.
  • Call the Contact Center in advance
  • What to do if your card is declined
  • Numbers to call to notify us of an issue
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Account Number Changes
You may see some extra zeros in front of your account numbers.
  • Zeros before numbers and suffixes may appear
  • There is no impact to checks or direct deposits
  • There is no impact to any payments
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Youth Accounts
Youth and Student accounts for age 18+ will convert to adult accounts.
  • There will be no break in service
  • No additional fees will be added
  • Adult accounts have additional features
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Actualización de tecnología
Información importante: Actualización de tecnología de SMCU entre los días 7 y 11 de junio
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