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Technology Upgrade

SMCU's Technology Upgrade: What you need to know

Beginning the evening of June 7 and ending the morning of June 11, 2019, SMCU will perform a major Technology Upgrade to make our services faster and more efficient. Below is everything you need to know about how it may impact you during and after the upgrade.

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The most important things to know

During the Technology Upgrade (6:00pm on Friday 6/7 through 9:00am on Tuesday 6/11):
  • Branches will be closed on Saturday, June 8 and Monday, June 10. We will reopen on Tuesday, June 11 with normal business hours.
  • You will be unable to use any CO-OP Shared Branches or Shared Branch "Express" ATMs to access your SMCU accounts.
  • The Contact Center will take calls during our normal hours on Saturday, June 8, and Monday, June 10, but will not have systems access to process any transactions or balance inquiries. Our Contact Center number is (650) 363-1725.
  • Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Call-24 Telephone Banking will be unavailable during this timeframe.
When the Technology Upgrade is complete (as of 9:00am on Tuesday 6/11):
  • User names for Online Banking will remain the same, but you will need to use a temporary password for your initial log-in and then set a new password and five new security questions. That temporary password format will be communicated to you via mail or email and will be available inside Online Banking prior to the upgrade. 
  • Call-24 Telephone Banking will require new registration, which includes your member number and Social Security Number. Validation will require you to call from the primary phone number SMCU has on file and you will be prompted to set a new PIN once you are authenticated.
  • For June month-end statements, you may receive two partial account statements: one for June 1 - 7, the other for June 8 - 30. They will arrive together at the usual time in early July.
  • Dividends (interest) will be paid separately for two time periods in June (June 1- 7 and June 8 - 30) on all interest-bearing deposit accounts except Premium Checking, Interest Checking, and High Yield Checking, which will be paid at month-end.
Please choose a section below for additional details and ways your SMCU services may be impacted during and after the upgrade.


Online and Mobile Banking
Impacts to digital banking during and after the upgrade.
  • Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable
  • Transfers and payments may be delayed
  • Online Banking will require a new password
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Spending and ATM
How your debit/credit cards and ATM access will be impacted.
  • Cash will be available at the ATM
  • Debit and credit cards can be used
  • Certain ATM transactions may be limited
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Call-24 Telephone Banking
The Call-24 system is being upgraded, too. See what to expect.
  • A temporary PIN will be required
  • The order of menu items will change
  • New menu items will be available
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Travel Notification
Make sure to tell us in advance if you are travelling.
  • Call the Contact Center in advance
  • What to do if your card is declined
  • Numbers to call to notify us of an issue
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Account Number Changes
You may see some extra zeros in front of your account numbers.
  • Zeros before numbers and suffixes may appear
  • There is no impact to checks or direct deposits
  • There is no impact to any payments
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Youth Accounts
Youth and Student accounts for age 18+ will convert to adult accounts.
  • There will be no break in service
  • No additional fees will be added
  • Adult accounts have additional features
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Actualización de tecnología
Información importante: Actualización de tecnología de SMCU entre los días 7 y 11 de junio
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