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Account Number Changes

Technology Upgrade: Account number changes

After the Technology upgrade, you may notice a few extra zeros added to the beginning of your account number(s) and account suffixes. These changes will not impact any incoming or outgoing transfers or payments you currently have set up through ACH (direct deposit, payroll, external transfers, etc.).

If you need to set up any type of direct deposit, tax refund payment, or other ACH transfer into your SMCU account in the future, please use the account (MICR) number and routing number on the bottom of your personal checks or call SMCU for the correct account number and format to use for all other account and loan types.

SMCU's routing number is: 321174851

We're here to answer your questions

If you have any questions about the SMCU Technology Upgrade or the specific information on this page, please call us at (650) 363-1725.

Technology Upgrade
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