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Account Alerts

Stay informed with account alerts via text or email

In the fight against cyber criminals who continuously try to access private information, staying on top of your financial account activity is a must. San Mateo Credit Union takes your account security seriously, so we offer completely free* Account Alerts to our members.

You'll be notified

By setting up one or more Account Alerts, you’ll receive a text, email or push notification (your choice) when certain transactions are performed or changes in your account occur. That way, if there’s a transaction you don’t recognize, you can let us know right away.

Verify your phone for Account Alerts via text

To receive Account Alerts via text message, be sure to verify your mobile phone number first. Follow these steps to get your mobile phone number verified:
  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, and from the drop-down menu click on “Settings”
  3. From the Settings menu, select the “Contact” tab
  4. Under the Phone Numbers heading, edit your mobile phone number by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the phone number
  5. If your mobile phone has not yet been confirmed, you will see an option: “I would like to receive SMS Text Messages to this number” – select this option by checking the box to the left of this statement
  6. You will see the status: “Not Confirmed” follow the onscreen prompts and get sent a code via text to begin the confirmation process
  7. Once you receive the code, select “Verify”
  8. You’ll receive a second code – enter the code in the input box.
  9. Select “Confirm Code”
  10. Select “Save Changes”
Once your mobile number is confirmed, you can opt into text message alerts. Navigate back to the Settings menu by clicking on your name, select “Settings” then choose the “Notifications” tab to choose your alerts and how you wish to receive them.

Select from a variety of Account Alerts

Authentication Get alerted each time your online banking SMCU mobile app are accessed with your User ID.
General Alerts General Alerts are security and other notifications triggered by important events, such a personal information. These types of alerts can't be turned off, but you can select how they are delivered (text, email, push).
Mobile Deposit Find out when a deposit was made using your SMCU mobile app.
Account Alerts Set up a variety of alert for various SMCU accounts. These alerts include automatic deposit, automatic withdrawal, balance, balance summary, cleared check, debit card purchase, insufficient funds, loan payment due, transaction, and transaction description alert.
Transfer Alerts Get alerted for several money movement activities: external transfer account blocked, external transfer canceled, external transfer submitted, transfer fails, and transfer succeeds.
Budget Alert If you have previously created a budget within the Budgets widget get alerted for: budget category exceeded, budget exceeded, and budget summary.
Savings Goals Alert If you have previously created a savings goal within the Savings Goal widget get alerted for: goal completed, and goal endangered.

Additional Card Alerts

Alert Type How it works How to sign up
Debit Card alerts from CO-OP You can choose to be notified of Debit Card activity above certain dollar amounts, including purchases made in store, online, or through various merchant types. Sign up on CO-OP's website
Credit Card purchase alerts from Visa® Receive alerts when purchase exceeds a specific amount, when your card is used outside the U.S., or when a purchase is made by phone or online. Enroll on Visa's® site
Please note:  Different Card Alerts are available from different SMCU partners and you may need to create an account with those partners to access the alerts. Follow the instructions below to set your alerts today! You can sign up for as many as you’d like based on the accounts and cards you have.

Questions about Account Alerts?

Give us a call at (650) 363-1725 or visit your nearest branch in San Mateo County, California

* SMCU does not charge for Account Alerts. However, your carrier's message/data rates may apply. Please check with your carrier for specific SMS/Text charges.
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