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SMCU offers a variety of ways to access your accounts allowing us to better serve your financial needs. Check balances, make transfers, deposit checks, pay bills and much more!

Some other features you can expect:

  • Integrated Experience: A single integrated Online and Mobile experience, with more features available on both platforms. 
  • Design: A clean and modern look with improved navigation, easy-to-access menus, and a more intuitive and seamless integration across desktop, tablet and mobile banking.
  • Access: A new customizable Dashboard that lets you view all your accounts, upcoming payments, and transfers.
  • Financial Management: Expanded financial management tools to help you set budgets, create spending categories, and view your accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Convenience: Card controls will allow you to block your Debit Cards if you suspect fraud. 
  • Security: The latest security features to confirm your identity with the use of a one-time passcode, helping keep your accounts and financial transactions safe and secure.

Explore our videos, and how-to guides below to get to know digital banking.

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Frequently Asked Questions
View some frequently asked questions about digital banking.
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Watch the Videos

Managing Your Finances
See how easily you can manage your finances with SMCU.
Payments and Transfers
Pay companies, people or deposit checks – easy and convenient.
All About Mobile
Bank on the go with SMCU’s mobile banking app!
All About Security
Learn how we protect you online and how to protect yourself.

How-To Guides

These guides provide you step-by-step guides on many of digital banking’s most popular features - like make a transfer, deposit a check, or create a savings goal or set a budget.  Click on the topic tabs or tiles to get started.


Go Digital! View and manage your accounts, deposit checks, and schedule transfers without having to make a visit to a branch.
Bill Pay
Pay companies or people from your accounts with bill pay.

Linking External Accounts
Link your external accounts to get a full view of your financial life, or link to transfer funds to and from your SMCU account.
Setting Up Notifications
Get notifications on your account activity and easily be alerted on your mobile phone or by email.
External and Member-to-Member
Add external accounts for easy bank to bank transfers or transfer to another SMCU member.
Making Transfers
Set up recurring transfers for easy saving, transfer between your accounts and see what’s scheduled.
Mobile Deposits
Deposit on the go with SMCU Mobile Deposit.  Avoid the lines, save on the gas and go mobile!
Savings Goals
Saving for a trip or big purchase? Create and monitor savings goals easily.
Track Spending
Create budgets, assign categories and see how you are doing each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

You can register for your personal or business accounts by visiting our online banking registration page. To register as an individual, you will need your member number, SSN or TIN and at least one of the following: birthdate, email or zip code. To register as a business, you will need your member number, EIN or TIN and at least one of the following: email or zip code.

Download our apps by visiting the App Store or Google Play:

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Your checking, savings, and CD/IRA account information as well as loan information is updated each time you log into your Online Banking so that all pending as well as posted transactions are displayed and reflected in your available balance.

SMCU’s new online banking works best with the following browsers and devices:

  • Google Chrome: Latest two versions
  • Firefox: Latest two versions
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest two versions
  • Safari: Last two major versions
  • Internet Explorer: v11*

*Limited Support: Some functionality may not work as expected. Internet Explorer 11 users will still be able to access essential functionality of online banking.
Please also make sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers as those will limit your ability to use some online banking functions.

Operating Systems / Devices:

  • Windows: versions that are still supported by Microsoft and support a browser listed above
  • OSX: versions that are still supported by Apple and support a browser listed above
  • Android: v6 and above
  •  iOS: the last two major releases

After logging in for the first time, you may update your username and/or password by visiting the Security tab within the Settings menu, located in the drop down next to your existing username. There, you’ll be able to update your username and/or password as well as manage multi-factor authentication options.

FICO scores are a three-digit number based on information in your credit reports.  A summary of your credit scores from the three major credit bureaus is a new feature in online and mobile banking. If you have an SMCU loan your FICO scores will be updated quarterly.

To send a secure message, login to online or mobile banking and use the Message Center widget. We’ll reply within 1-2 business days. If you need more immediate assistance, please call (650) 363-1725 weekdays 8:00am – 6:00pm (PT) and Saturdays 9:00am – 3:00pm (PT).

To view your eStatements, simply click on the “eDocs” widget. You can view your eStatements for your checking, savings and credit cards as well as any other personal loans. To view statements for your first mortgage, visit our first mortgage partner site.

Bill Pay, eBills and Transfers


You can pay almost any company or individual in the U.S. You can pay a U.S. based company with an address or person via a text or email. even if your biller isn’t set up for online payments.

You can also:

  • Set up automatic payments for recurring bills — like rent or your cable bill.
  • Make one-time payments for bills that differ each month — like a phone or utility bill.


Electronic bills (eBills) are online versions of paper bills that you receive, view, and pay through Bill Pay. The eBill arrives into your Bill Pay account much like a paper bill would arrive in your physical mailbox although the format may be different. You can print eBills for your records and set reminders for yourself to pay the eBill when payment is due or set up automatic payments. 

You can conduct internal transfers, external (bank to bank transfers) and member to member transfers.

  • Internal Transfers – transfers between your accounts at SMCU.
  • External Transfers – transfers to and from accounts you own at other financial institutions. 
  • Member-to-Member – transfers between you and other SMCU members.


To set up a transfer to another SMCU member, you will need the following info:

  • Member’s last name
  • Their member number
  • Share or Loan ID

Click the Classic Transfer tab, then “Transfer to another SMCU Credit Union member.” After entering the member info for the destination account, you may save the account for later by checking “Save Account for Future Use.” Once it is saved, you will see it in the “To Accounts” for both Quick Transfers and Classic Transfers with the shared account symbol.

You can add an account at another bank or credit union to your transfer list by going to Classic Transfer and clicking “Add an external account.” A pop-up will ask you for the account and routing number and will also require a nickname to label the account in your transfer list. After the account is added it will need to be verified.

Once the account is added and verified, you will see it appear in both Quick and Classic transfers. You will be able to both withdraw from an SMCU account and deposit to the external account and deposit from the external account into your SMCU account. See the How-to Guide on transfers for step-by-step instructions.


Loan payments can be made by transferring money from a checking or savings account into the loan account as you would with any other transfer. You can also add an external account that you own at another financial institution to make a payment to your SMCU loan.



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