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External Transfers

Your money is yours. Move it where and when you want.

Many people have accounts at multiple banks or credit unions, and we want it to be easy and safe for SMCU members to move money between all their accounts. That's why we offer External Transfers, an online tool to help you move money externally.

With External Transfers, you can:

  • Securely add and verify your external accounts at over 15,000 financial institutions 
  • Make secure ACH transfers between your SMCU checking, savings, and money market accounts and your checking, savings, brokerage, and money market accounts at other institutions
  • Add an external account to apy on certain SMCU loans
  • Initiate or schedule a one-time or recurring transfer

Get started

Sign in to SMCU Online Banking, click on the "Transfers" tab, click "External Account Transfers," then follow the directions.

Mobile Banking
Manage money anywhere, anytime from your phone or device.
Standard external transfer time is 3-5 business days.
Yes. Transfers scheduled after 11 p.m. Pacific Time will be automatically rescheduled for the following business day.
Limit Type Amount
Minimum transfer amount $20.00
Maximum transfer amount $3,000.00
Maximum daily transfer $3,000.00
Maximum transfer amount for a rolling three day period $5,000.00
Maximum monthly transfer amount $15,000.00
Failed transfer charge**: $30.00
Yes. TransferNow uses the same ACH network that is used by thousands of businesses for direct deposits of payroll and automatic payments from customers/members.

To begin using TransferNow you must first enroll in Online Banking and authorize your external bank accounts via the “Transfers” tab.

From within Online Banking select, "Transfers" and select, "External Transfers." Follow the onscreen prompts – You can set-up transfer authorization using either of the two verification methods: trial deposit verification or real-time account verification.

Have questions?
Give us a call at (650) 363-1725 or stop in to your nearest California branch.

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