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Quicken® Web Connect

How to use Quicken® with Online Banking.

Connect your SMCU accounts to powerful Quicken® tools to get a clearer picture of your financial life.

SMCU offers two ways to access your account data in Quicken®: Using Quicken® Web Connect or exporting activity from your account into Quicken®. Here are the steps for both methods.

Steps to set up your SMCU online accounts with Quicken® using Web Connect:

  1. After successful registration your Quicken® software, click Add Account.
  2. Select the account type you want to add.
  3. Enter "San Mateo Credit Union" as the name of your financial institution and click Next.
  4. Quicken will ask for you SMCU Online Banking user name and password. If you’d like Quicken® to remember your login information (so you don’t have to type it in again when you update your accounts) check the Save this password box. If you do choose Save this password, Quicken® will create a Password Vault for your account. If you choose to save all of your passwords, they will be added to the password-protected Password Vault, so you can update all of your accounts with one click).
  5. Click Connect.
  6. You may add a nickname to your account. If there are accounts you don’t want to add to Quicken®, select Ignore instead of Add.
  7. Click Next and Finish. Quicken® adds your accounts and downloads transactions.

Steps to download your account activity and import it into Quicken®:

  1. Sign on to SMCU Online Banking
  2. Choose the checking, savings or other account you would like to download transactions for.
  3. Click "Export Transactions" at the top of the page.
  4. Select the date range you would like to download.
  5. Select the file format you would like to download. (Intuit Quicken® .QFX, Quickbooks .QBO, Money .OFX or Comma Separated .CSV)
  6. Click "Export" and save your file to your computer.
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 for each account you want to download.
  8. To import data into Quicken®, select the File menu, and select File Import then select the file you wish to import. Repeat for each file you downloaded.
For more information on using Quicken®, please visit their website.
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