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Holiday Club Savings Account

Holiday cheer like never before

Don't let the stress of holiday spending affect the year's most festive season. Save up year-round for holiday shopping with the San Mateo Credit Union Holiday Club Savings Account.

How the SMCU Holiday Club works

Our Holiday Club Savings Account works mostly like our Regular Savings Account, only it "matures" in November, making the funds available to you in time for the busy holiday shopping season. Let's get a little more specific:

  • Deposit $25 to open the account
  • Open the account at any point during the year (the earlier it's opened, the more time you'll have to save)
  • Make deposits as often as you wish or set up recurring deposits
  • Interest compounds daily
  • There's no annual fee
  • On the first business day in November, you can start spending the funds on holiday expenses
  • The account remains open after the November payout, so you can keep saving for the following year

Whatever the holidays have in store for you this year, enjoy the season even more knowing you've saved for the gifts that will make your loved one smile.


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