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Lost/Stolen Cards

Replacing Your Lost or Stolen Cards

If you suspect your debit or credit card has been misplaced or stolen you can quickly and easily block (or unblock) your cards within our Card Manager app. Get peace of mind by controlling your debit and credit card, simply select “Card Controls” from the Card Manager  app main menu.

You have several options to replace a lost or stolen card:

  • Call us at (650) 363 – 1725 to get a replacement card ordered.
  • Visit one of our branch locations to get a card issued instantly.
  • Get a digitally issued debit or credit card! Once you have requested to replace your card, you will have access to get your card digitally issued within our Card Manager app, then pushed to your digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay). Your card will be ready digitally within 2-3 hours of your order, watch for an email to get started!

Filing a Dispute or Fraud Claim

  • If you have concerns about a merchant charge, you may dispute it by filing a claim. Visit our card disputes page to get started. 
Traveling Notifications
Keep your cards active when you travel.
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