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Let's run some numbers

Use San Mateo Credit Union's online calculators to get clearer picture of your financial situation. Great for seeing how you're doing now and for making future plans.


Auto Calculators

Find out how that new vehicle fits into your overall budget, whether you're buying or leasing.

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Mortgage Calculators
Whether you're buying a home or refinancing an existing one, crunch some numbers and see how different scenarios affect your budget.
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Home Equity Calculators
Ready to tap into your home's equity to fund that next big project or purchase? Let's find out what your payments might be.
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Savings Calculators
Is your savings strategy on target? Or maybe you're just starting out? Use these calculators to see how your savings can grow.
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Retirement Calculators
How much income will you need in retirement? How much longer do you want to work? These calculators can help you see if you're on track or need to make adjustments.
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Debt Calculators
Let's get a handle on how much debt you currently have and what you'll need to do to pay it off. These calculators will help.
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Budget Calculators
Creating a budget can be one of the best ways to control your spending and help you save a little more. A few minutes with these calculators will be a big help.
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Insurance Calculators
Find out how insurance fits in to your budget using these handy insurance calculators.
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Calculator Inquiry
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