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Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)

Don't let a mechanical breakdown keep you down

Is your car still covered by its manufacturer's warranty? If you've had it for a few years or driven it quite a few miles, chances are the warranty has expired. If something goes wrong, it won't take long for repair bills to add up. That's where Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) from San Mateo Credit Union can save the day.

What is Mechanical Repair Coverage?

MRC is an optional, supplemental type of auto insurance that's great for older vehicles. It covers repair costs for nearly any mechanical piece of a vehicle, from engines, to navigation systems, to fuel pumps and more. MRC can help you avoid spending thousands of dollars out of your own pocket.

Available plans

MRC isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your needs, you can choose from:
  • Silver plan: covers engines, transmissions, suspensions, brakes, electrical, A/C, seals, gaskets, and basic hybrid/electric components.
  • Gold plan: covers everything in the Silver plan, plus power windows, door locks, seats, instrument sensors, radiator, heater and A/C motors, fuel tanks, and advanced hybrid/electric components.
  • Platinum plan: covers everything in the Gold and Silver plans, plus virtually any other kind of breakdown, except those specifically excluded in the plan documents.

MRC Benefits

  • Choose your deductible: $0, $100, $250, or $500
  • Limit repair costs to your deductible - no other out of pocket expenses
  • Rental reimbursement up to $35/day for 5 days (up to an additional 5 days with verified parts delay) from day one
  • 24-hour emergency roadside assistance up to $100 per occurrence. Includes towing, battery jumpstart, fluid delivery, flat tire assistance & lockout service.
  • Travel reimbursement up to $200 per day for 1-5 days for food, lodging & rental.1
  • You can cancel for full refund within 60 days.2
Normal maintenance, such as batteries, oil changes and tires are not covered. Details will be in your policy documents.

Want to learn more about MRC?

Don't get stuck with expensive repair costs. Let SMCU protect you. See full details in our brochure, give us a call at (650) 363-1725, or stop by your nearest branch.
Mechanical Repair Coverage is provided and administered by Consumer Program Administrators, Inc. in all states except CA, where coverage is offered as insurance by Virginia Surety Company, Inc., in WA, where coverage is provided by National Product Care Company and administered by Consumer Program Administrators, Inc., in FL, LA , and OK, where coverage is provided and administered by Automotive Warranty Services of Florida, Inc. (Florida License #60023 and Oklahoma License #861338), all located at 175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago Illinois 60604, 800.752.6265. This coverage is made available to you by CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc. In CA, where Mechanical Repair Coverage is offered as insurance (form MBIP 08/16), it is underwritten by Virginia Surety Company, Inc.

Coverage varies by state. Be sure to read the Vehicle Service Contract or the Insurance Policy, which will explain the exact terms, conditions, and exclusions of this voluntary product.

1 Only when a breakdown occurs over 100 miles from home. (Not available to NY residents.)

2 Full refund available only if coverage is unused in the first 60 days. If used, refund is pro-rated.
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