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Online Advertising

How we use web visits to better serve you

To make sure you’re informed of SMCU’s loan, account, and promotional offerings, we use a variety of channels to communicate with members and non-members. One of those channels is through web banners, both on and on other sites, and through email. We consider both of these to be “online advertising.”

You can see who SMCU’s primary online advertising partners are below, how we leverage their services, and what controls you have over the way in which we track site traffic and serve ads.

Google Analytics, Adwords, and Remarketing

SMCU uses Google Analytics, a service that uses “cookies” to track anonymous information regarding your activities on this site. This includes information about your visit including your device type, how you got to our site, the geographic area in which you live (not your address), and pages you’ve visited/links clicked while on this site. Some general demographic data may be provided by Google that estimates your gender and age range. This data is used to better understand how to improve the site content and user experience. Ads on this site may be tailored to you based on any of the information listed.

AdRoll Retargeting and Prospecting

SMCU uses AdRoll to place programmatic banner advertising on our behalf across a network of available banner inventory. This network spans a wide variety of sites in many categories and includes Facebook and Instagram. Because this network spans so many different sites, the presence of an SMCU banner ad does not imply that SMCU is aligned with or supports the views expressed on each individual site.

Using third-party cookies, AdRoll banner ads may appear for you after you visit select pages on this site, if you exhibit similar behavioral or demographic patterns to those who visit this site, if you have an email on file with SMCU that can be matched to cookies on your device, or a combination thereof. Regardless of the targeting method, all cookies are anonymous and no personally-identifiable information is being captured or used.

  • What you can control: If you would no longer like to be targeted with AdRoll banner ads, you must turn off third-party cookies in your browser settings. Note that turning off cookie will impact more than just AdRoll. Learn more about opting out of third-party cookies.

Marquis Documatix Email Service Provider

SMCU uses Marquis Documatixto send promotional emails to you if we have your valid email address on file. These emails keep you informed about new loan and account options, special promotional offers, educational events, and more.

  • What you can control: If you would no longer like to receive promotional emails from SMCU, you must opt out from inside one of the promotional emails. Go to the bottom of the email, click the link to opt out, and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ways SMCU conducts online advertising, please contact us.

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