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Security Center

The security of your information is our top priority

In today's always-connected world, the security of your personal information has never been more important. San Mateo Credit Union is committed to making investments in security and giving our members the tools they need to stay safe.

If you have received a call, text or email from the SMCU fraud monitoring service, a temporary block has been placed on your card until you are able to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction. If you have questions, please call our Contact Center during business hours.

If you receive a phone call claiming to be from SMCU asking you to verify account information, do not reply or provide any information. SMCU will never call or text to ask you to verify information about your card such as your PIN, or a code. Do not rely on Caller ID as confirmation the call is from San Mateo Credit Union.


Fraudulent Transactions
Keep your information secure and your money safe at all times.
  • Protect your personal information everywhere you go
  • Use mobile banking and alerts to spot issues
  • Contact SMCU right away when you suspect fraud
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Scams & Data Breaches
Criminals can be creative so it’s important to stay aware and alert.
  • See if any current data breaches may include you
  • Understand the most common types of scams
  • Take steps to keep your information secure
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Digital Banking Security
Enjoy the convenience of online and mobile services without sacrificing security.
  • Set strong passwords and keep them secure
  • Stay alert when visiting different sites, shopping online, and downloading files
  • Avoid email phishing and viruses
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Identity Theft
The more criminals know about you, the less secure you are.
  • See common ways that your personal information can be stolen
  • Defend yourself against fraud and theft
  • Understand what to do if your identity is compromised
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Elder Abuse
Older Americans are at a higher risk of financial abuse – we work hard to help.
  • Understand and identify the signs of elder abuse
  • Report suspicious activity
  • See how SMCU responds to signs of abuse
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Financial Services
We’ll help you build, safeguard, and share your hard-earned wealth.

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