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Fine tune your savings with our high-yield certificates

Fine tune your savings with our 11-month, 20-month, or 30-month certificate

There's no better time than now to focus on savings. Open a certificate today because these great rates won't last long. A special 11-month, 20-month or 30-month certificate will put you on the fast track to reaching your savings goals.

Get more for your money with: 

  • An 11-month or 20-month certificate which earn up to 4.50% APY* with Active Checking
  • A 30-month certificate which earns up to 4.00%APY* with Active Checking 
  • Our certificates require only a $1,000 minimum balance to open 
  • A variety of certificate types to choose from such as standard, IRA or Roth 

Share Certificates: 

Minimum Balance to Open: $1,000

Share certificate term Standard Rate Standard APY* Rate with Active Checking† Annual percentage Yield (APY)*
60 Months 2.472% 2.50% 2.716% 2.75%
48 Months 2.374% 2.40% 2.618% 2.65%
36 Months 2.178% 2.20% 2.423% 2.45%
30 Months2 3.687% 3.75% 3.9285% 4.00%
24 Months 1.982% 2.00% 2.227% 2.25%
20 Months1 4.169%% 4.25% 4.410% 4.50%
18 Months 1.736% 1.75% 1.982% 2.00%
12 Months 1.490% 1.50% 1.736% 1.75%
11 Months1 4.169% 4.25% 4.410% 4.50%
6 Months 0.995% 1.00% 1.243% 1.25%
3 Months 0.499% 0.50% 0.747% 0.75%
How to open a Share Certificate

The easiest way to open a share certificate without limitations is to visit any SMCU branch. Regular share certificates for most terms can be opened online, but please note the following:

  • IRA, Youth, and Coverdell ESA Share Certificates cannot be opened online; only regular share certificates are available.
  • There is an online funding limit of $500 from outside (non-SMCU) accounts. Meaning you can only open a certificate by transferring funds you already have on deposit with SMCU since the minimum opening balance on Share Certificates is $1,000.
*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Deposit rates and annual percentage yields (APY) are effective 06/08/2023 unless otherwise noted and subject to change at any time. When a Certificate is opened, the rate is fixed for the stated term. Dividends are compounded and credited monthly. Early withdrawal penalty applies to Certificates. Conditions and restrictions requirements apply.


The advertised certificate dividend rate can be earned for members who have an "Active Checking" account. Active Checking account is defined as a checking account that has at least one (1) direct deposit or ACH deposit (excluding telephone, teller or dividend posting transactions) during the monthly Statement Cycle (statement cycle period is 12:00 am on the first day of each month and ends at 11:59 pm on the last day of each month). For a Statement Cycle during which the Active Checking account deposit requirement is not met, the certificate will earn the base rate that was set at the account opening or rollover date.

Both the certificate and the checking account must be held by the primary account owner to be eligible for the certificate dividend rate increase. The checking account must be open and in Good Standing, as defined in the SMCU Account Agreement, to earn the certificate dividend rate increase for each month. This offer cannot be combined with any other certificate rate increase offer and not all certificates may be eligible. Offer is subject to change or removal at any time without notice. Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawal and fees may reduce earnings. Please ask an SMCU representative for complete offer details, conditions, and restrictions.

1Rates only eligible on a 11-month or 20-month certificate created after 06/08/2023.

2Rates only eligible on an 30-month certificate created after 04/27/2023.