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VISA® Direct Check Card

A Visa Direct Check Card combines the accessibility of a VISA card with the convenience of an ATM card. Your purchases are deducted directly from your SMCU checking account, so using your card is just like writing a check. Remember to select CREDIT and sign for your purchase (when you do not need cash back) to protect yourself against unauthorized transactions and to safeguard your PIN.

Works like a check, only faster and easier
Convenient worldwide ATM access for cash withdrawals anywhere the PLUS or STAR symbols are displayed (Click for locations)
Withdrawal up to $500 per day from an ATM
No finance charges or monthly bills to worry about
No monthly or annual fees
Free point-of-sale transactions from your checking account
Free transactions at SMCU ATMs
Additional security through Concierge (Click for more information)

What's more, it's accepted by more than 23 million merchants who welcome VISA®. You can use the card to pay for groceries, travel, restaurants, gas, and much more—plus obtain cash at ATMs and point-of-sale (POS) merchants. To order a new Visa Direct Check Card, call Member Service at (650) 363-1725 or (888) 363-1725 or visit your nearest branch.

Going out of the country? Some international transactions are blocked for your safety. To safeguard our member-owners against fraudulent activity, San Mateo Credit Union has restricted some types of debit card transactions conducted in some countries.  Click here for a complete list of countries that have security restrictions.

ADDED SECURITY FROM VISA -Verified by Visa protects your existing Visa Direct Check Card with a personal password, so only you can use your check card online. You are required to register your SMCU Check Card before making any online purchases. Register Now

If you've lost your VISA Direct Check Card or ATM Card please click here.