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Maximizing the Safety and Efficiency
of your SMCU Debit Card

Extra Protection – at No Cost – Whenever You Travel

San Mateo Credit Union (SMCU) now offers additional debit card security when you’re on the road – thanks to our newest Concierge service. Concierge invites you to notify us of any upcoming travel plans to unblocked countries or transactions that are beyond-the-normal routine. When we see debit card transactions that you’ve notified us about—it will help prevent SMCU from suspending the use of your debit card due to possible fraudulent activity. This free service is one more way that SMCU helps safeguard your SMCU account.

To take advantage of the protection of Concierge, simply call Contact Center at (650) 363-1725 or (888) 363-1725.

Going out of the country? Some International Transactions Blocked for Your Safety

Debit card fraud has risen dramatically in several foreign countries – In some cases, ATM and direct check cards have been duplicated, and these counterfeits bear a legitimate account number. In other instances, the card’s data has been compromised, or “skimmed.” 

Some international transactions are blocked for your safety. To safeguard our member-owners against fraudulent activity, San Mateo Credit Union has restricted some types of debit card transactions conducted in some countries.  Click here for a complete list of countries that have security restrictions.

We sincerely hope that any inconvenience you experience as a result of this block will be balanced by our vigilance and increased security. SMCU will always take a proactive stance to provide you with the highest safeguards.