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The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion—
SMCU’s Visa® Gift Card

You’ll never again risk giving chocolate-covered graham crackers to a dieter or the latest whodunit to a romance-novel fan, because the Visa Gift Card lets friends and family members choose their own gifts.

Unlike store cards and gift certificates, the Visa Gift Card can be used at millions of locations worldwide—wherever Visa cards are accepted.  Purchases can be made at retail stores, online, and by phone—it’s so versatile and convenient.  And because the card is prepaid, you can purchase one in any amount from $25 to $500.*

Choose one of two easy ways to buy:

  1. Visit any SMCU branch.
    (Pay with your SMCU credit card or by SMCU account transfer.)
  1. Click here to purchase online.
    (Pay with your SMCU Visa Check Card or SMCU credit card.)

Order the SMCU Visa Gift Card now, and give the perfect gift, every time.

Still have questions on the Gift Cards? Click here to see our FAQs.

*You may purchase a prepaid Visa Gift Card online in any amount from $25 to $500. If you purchase the card at an SMCU branch, the maximum purchase amount is $1000.