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General Financial Articles

Developing a Financial Strategy - The thought of developing and adhering to a personal financial strategy can be overwhelming. Learn how to create the segments of a total financial approach that can lead to your future financial security.

Developing and Using a Wise Borrowing Strategy -The sensible use of credit is part of a total financial strategy. Using credit can provide benefits, but also can have drawbacks. A few guidelines can help you feel comfortable with your credit use.

Planning For Your Financial Life Stages - You financial goals and situation change over time. So should your financial strategies. Learn some of the ways to make sure your strategies match your life stage.

Preparing for Major Financial Events - Every individual encounters or anticipates major financial events and milestones. Some preparation for these events can reduce the associated anxiety and make decision making easier.

Reducing Your Debt Burdens - Taking control of your borrowing can help relieve financial anxiety. Learn some ways to pay down, consolidate and control your debt.

Review Your Credit Report - A solid credit history can make borrowing easier and cheaper. Learn where to get a copy of your credit report.

ATM Security and You - Automatic Teller Machines have become integral for many individuals. Learn a few tips to use them wisely and carefully.

Choosing the Right Accounts for Your Cash - Too often the convenience of a checking account causes individuals to earn less than they should on their cash balances. A little time spent looking at the alternatives can make your money work harder for you.

Building a Ladder of Savings Certificates - Choosing the length of savings certificates is important. Longer maturities usually provide higher rates, but with less liquidity. Building a "ladder" of maturities can result in higher rates without the loss of the liquidity you want.

Direct Deposit of Payroll and Government Checks - Learn why having your checks sent directly into your account is a smart and safe thing to do.

Evaluating Credit Cards - If you are like many, your mailbox is often filled with credit card offers from dozens of issuers. Choosing the right card should be based on your needs, how you use your card, rates, fees and the company issuing the card.

Guidelines for First Time Credit Card Users - Getting a first credit card can be intimidating and tempting. This article reviews some of the decisions credit card users should make and offers some guidelines for the prudent use of this financial convenience.

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Credit Identity - When someone uses your credit identity the costs and aggravation can add up. Learn some tips to keep your credit identity secure.

Preparing a Personal Balance Sheet - Monitoring your financial progress should be part of your financial management. This worksheet helps you break your assets into categories so you monitor your asset allocation too.

Monitoring Your Monthly Spending - Household budgets can be a chore to create and follow. Here is a worksheet to make the process easier.

Ten Reasons to Consider Online Banking - The Internet continues to change the way we live. Online banking provides many cost and time saving opportunities. Check them out.

Building a Savings Cushion - Saving money for unexpected expenses is never easy. Here are five ideas that can help make saving easier.

Tips for Organizing Important Papers - Knowing how long and where to keep tax records and other important papers can help individuals better manage their finances.