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Insurance Articles

Understanding and Evaluating Life Insurance - Different types of policies can serve different functions at different times in your life. Learn whether whole life policies are best for you or whether you should "buy term and invest the difference."

Getting the Life Insurance You Need - Life insurance can be an important part of a solid financial plan. Along with what type of policy to buy, you must decide how much coverage to buy. This article offers some guidelines.

What to Look For in a Homeowners or Renters Insurance Policy - Selecting the right amounts of coverage and deductibles will determine your insurance premiums. Be sure to understand the components of policies that cover your home and your belongings.

Understanding Auto Insurance - It is critical to have auto insurance and most state require it. Choosing the right levels of protection should be part of your total financial strategy.

Review Your Insurance Deductibles - Be sure to have the insurance you need, but don't pay for insurance you don't really want. This article includes a simple worksheet to help you evaluate how you may save money with different levels of insurance deductibles.

Umbrella Insurance Policies - Auto and homeowner insurance policies usually provide some level of liability protection. But, in an age of large jury awards and rising medical costs, you may want some additional protection.

Disability Insurance - Most individuals need disability insurance to protect against losing the ability to work. It is often available as part of an employee benefit program from employers. Others must buy it themselves. Some of the details on how it works could be important to you.

Long Term Care Insurance - If you are concerned about the rising costs of medical care and what it may do to your financial well-being, you may want to consider long-term care insurance. This article offers some tips to consider as you review your options.

Have an Insurance Strategy - Insurance provides protection against the unknown. This article provides issues to consider for each of seven types of insurance most individuals should have.

Consider a Life Insurance Trust - Life insurance trusts can be used to keep insurance proceeds out of your taxable estate and save large amounts of estate taxes. As you review your estate plan, speak with your attorney about this powerful and useful technique of owning life insurance policies.

Single Premium Tax Deferred Annuities - Fixed annuity insurance contracts have been used for decades as part of long-term financial strategies. While there are advantages, there can also be fees and restrictions.