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Investing Articles

Asset Allocation - The way you divide your investments into stocks, bonds and cash investments can have effects on the risks and potential returns on your portfolio. Learn how your time horizons and your risk tolerance should be considered in determining the asset allocation that is right for you.

Financial Market Indicators - What to Watch For - Every investment, and every individual's portfolio is different. But, knowing which market indicators to watch can help you better understand how your investments are doing in relation to the overall market.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average - This popular measure of stock market activity has been around for over 100 years. A little history about this average and you will better appreciate how you should view daily changes.

Investment Portfolio Diversification or "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" This old adage applies in the investment world too. Learn what spreading the risk can do for you and how to apply this concept to your investments.

Building a Stock Portfolio - Whether you are just starting to invest or already have a portfolio, reviewing some tried and true portfolio building strategies may be helpful.

Investing in Mutual Funds - Mutual funds have become the investment vehicle of choice for millions of Americans. This article explains some of the reasons for the popularity and provides some tips on what to look for when making a mutual fund choice.

Dollar Cost Averaging - Dollar cost averaging is one way to address the "when to buy" decision. An example shows how this common technique will eliminate the risk of buying at "the top of the market."

Mutual Funds and Income Taxes - While mutual funds offer many conveniences, dealing with the income tax consequences of owning mutual funds is seldom simple. This article will help you understand some of these issues.

Investing in Bonds - Bonds can have a place in many investors' portfolios. There are many issues to consider when evaluating a bond investment strategy. Learn how maturities, ratings and types of bonds can influence your strategy.

Interest Rate Risk - With interest rates at the current low levels, there are benefits of locking in lower rates on your borrowing. However, locking in low rates on your savings may present problems if interest rates rise.

Comparing Taxable and Tax- free Bond Yields - Interest on most municipal bonds is exempt from federal income tax. To determine whether these tax-free bonds are right for you, you must compare the after-tax returns of similar taxable bonds. A simple chart can help.

Investing in Municipal Bonds - The interest from most bonds issued by states, cities and other municipal organizations is exempt from federal income tax. Learn whether municipal bonds are right for you.

Investing in US Treasuries - Many individuals buy U. S. Treasury obligations as part of their investment strategy for one reason - safety. However, there is more to Treasuries than just safety.

Make Sure Your US Savings Bonds Are Still Paying Interest - Many older US Savings Bonds have stopped paying and earning interest. Learn which ones have stopped and what to do if yours are included among them.