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Issues Facing Parents Articles

Custodial Accounts for Children - Transferring funds to children with UGMA or UTMA accounts serves many purposes. Children can learn about finances and there may be some tax advantages. However, ultimately the children take control of the assets.

The Kiddie Tax or How Children Are Taxed - Children are taxpayers just like adults, almost. This article explains how the IRS provides some tax breaks for children and how they prevent some parents from reducing the overall level of family tax.

College Funding Options - The 2001 Tax Law made several changes in ways to save for college costs. The changes were all good. If funding a college education for a child, or grandchild, is in your future, you should be aware of these changes.

Saving Early for a College Education - Starting early to save for a child's college education makes the process easier. College costs are continuing to rise faster than the general inflation rate. That's why taking steps now can enable your child to attend the college of choice.

Investing College Funds - Learn how a changing mix of equity and fixed income investments can help you take advantage of the historical higher returns of equities and have the funds available for college costs.

IRAs for Teens - Many teenagers have income from summer or part-time jobs. Establishing a Roth Individual Retirement Account may be the beginning of a secure financial foundation. It can also help the teen develop some good savings habits.

Guidelines for First Time Credit Card Users - Getting a first credit card can be intimidating and tempting. This article reviews some of the decisions credit card users should make and offers some guidelines for the prudent use of this financial convenience.