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Mortgage Terms - T

Tax Lien
Lien for nonpayment of taxes.
Tax Sale
Public sale of property at auction by governmental authority, after a period of non payment of property taxes.
Tenancy by the Entirety
A form of ownership by husband and wife whereby each owns the entire property. In event of death of one, the survivor owns the property without probate.
Time is of the Essence
Legal phrase in a contract, requiring punctual performance of all obligations.
Often used interchangeably with the word ownership. It indicates the accumulation of all rights in property by the owner and others.
Title, Escrow and Closing Agent Fees
These companies charge various fees for their services..
Title Insurance
An insurance policy which protects the insured (purchaser and lender) against loss arising from defects in title.
Title Search
A review of the public records to make sure that no adverse claims affect the value of the title.
Truth in Lending Statement (Regulation Z)
A federal government regulation that provides details of the cost of obtaining a mortgage loan. Lenders must provide this shortly after the loan application has been completed.