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Online Services

SMCU offers a variety of online services for your convenience. To view a bit about each one please browse the tabs below. To learn more about any one particular service click the "Learn More" link.

SMCU Online provides convenient access to all your SMCU accounts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any computer with an Internet connection. You will also have access to excellent services such as Bill Pay, eStatements, Alerts, and more online. As a SMCU member you can:

  • Manage your money online safely and securely for free.
  • Monitor your transactions and see a complete history of all your deposits, withdrawals, transfers, purchases, ATM activity and more.
  • Transfer funds, and view real-time balances and transactions.
  • Apply for loans.
  • Pay recurring and one-time-only bills.
  • View images of cleared checks.

Enroll in SMCU Online by clicking here or contact us for more information.

Don't have stamps? Don't worry with Bill Pay. When you enroll in Bill Pay, you can safely and easily pay your bills online for FREE.

  • Submit a one-time payment for any bill.
  • Set up automatic recurring payments for specified payees with any date and amount of your choice.
  • Pay any company or individual with a U.S. postal address.

SMCU Bill Pay Payment Center

The Bill Pay Payment Center is the single point of access for most bill payment activities. Here you can make payments, view and pay bills, and review your outgoing payments and bill history.

To enroll in SMCU Bill Pay, login to SMCU OnLine or contact us for more information.


A Convenient Transfer Service That’s Free to SMCU Members

For those of you who utilize the services of another financial institution in addition to San Mateo Credit Union, we are pleased to introduce Money Link—a new SMCU OnLine service that lets you transfer funds between SMCU and other banks or credit unions in the United States.*
 With Money Link, you can:

  • Make secure transfers between your SMCU checking, savings, and money market accounts and your checking, savings, and money market accounts at another institution
  • Schedule a one-time transfer
  • Schedule a single or several automatic recurring transfer(s)

It’s fast, easy, and convenient, and offers greater security than sending a paper check. 

To start taking advantage of the benefits of Money Link, log on to SMCU OnLine or contact Member Service at (650) 363-1725 for more information.

* Not available for business accounts
Limits and Fees

Save paper. Save Time. Save space. Save money.

It's really that simple.

What are e-Statements? e-Statements are electronic copies of you account statements you can view online. What's more, e-Statements are fast, secure, and convenient.

Top 10 Reasons to Start Using eStatements

Reason No.1 - Save Paper
That's a no brainer.

Reason No. 2 - Security
Thieves can't steal what's not in your mailbox.

Reason No. 3 - Reliability
It's just nice to know that some things are there for you whenever you need them.

Reason No. 4 - Speed
Get your statements faster than you can say, "Honey, did we get our statement yet?"

Reason No. 5 - Access
Balance your checkbook from anywhere. Use your imagination.

Reason No. 6 - Simplicity
Enrolling is simple. If it doesn't work out for you, ask one of your kids to do it.

Reason No. 7 - Organization
Unlike your shoebox filing system, you can find what you need when you need it.

Reason No. 8 - Convenience
It's like having your very own branch at home.

Reason No. 9 - Clutter-Free
Now, let's find a better use for that kitchen drawer.

Reason No. 10 - Money Savings
Did we mention it's free?

Get started. Enroll today. Simply log on to SMCU OnLine and click on the "Go Green" icon or call (650) 363-1725 or (888) 363-1725.

Worried if your account balance falls below a certain amount? Set up customized messages to alert you of account activity via your e-mail, cell phone or PDA. Examples of our members' Alerts are "You have less than $100 in your account" and "You've saved enough money for vacation."

To enroll in SMCU Alerts, login to SMCU OnLine and click the Alerts tab.

At SMCU, safeguarding your personal information is a top priority. We constantly keep pace with developing technology to ensure that your identity is fully protected at all times. Now, the latest technological strides allow us to secure just part of a Web page while still offering total login safeguards.

To learn more about how to protect yourself online click here.

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