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SMCU has received reports of a possible scam in which members receive automated calls attempting to learn confidential account information. The calls suggest to the member that their SMCU card is about to be closed and that they should provide the card number to prevent this. SMCU will never ask for account information such as this. If you receive one of the calls do not provide any information, and please call Direct Assist to report the incident.

Staying Safe While Banking Online

At SMCU, safeguarding your personal information is a top priority.  We constantly keep pace with developing technology to ensure that your identity is fully protected at all times.  Just a few of the ways we do this are:

The most secure and up to date security certificates
SMCU Uses Enhanced SSL Security Certificates which communicate with the latest browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3 to provide you with added security. When you're logged into SMCU OnLine you'll know you are secure when you see a green address bar.

Strong Passwords
The password on your SMCU OnLine account is like the lock on your front door. It's important that it be as strong as possible to keep people out. That's why we require strong passwords.

A good password is long and complicated. SMCU requires that your password be at least 8 letters long. To ensure it is complicated we require that it has different types of characters.

The four types of characters are:

  • Uppercase Letters (A, B, C, etc...)
  • Lowercase Letters (a, b, c, etc...)
  • Numbers (1, 2, 3, etc...)
  • Special Characters (!, @, #, etc...)

SMCU requires that you use at least 3 of these different character types.

Failed Attempt Account Locking
One way the "bad guys" might try to break into your account is through what is called a brute force attack. This is where someone might get a hold of a user name but not know the password. They write a program that tries to log in to the account using your user name and every password they can think of. With the strong password we have you choose, it would take one person years and years to finally guess your password. But their program might possibly get it after just days or weeks of trying. Luckily for you if someone tries an incorrect password 5 times in a row we will lock your account. The only way to unlock it is for you to call in and verify your identity.

These are just a few of the ways we protect your information. SMCU is constantly adding new security features to SMCU OnLine to combat online fraud.

You can help protect yourself online by following some simple rules.

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